PLAS@PAR Young Researcher's day 2nd Young Researcher Conference on Plasma Physics and applications

Organised by Sorbonne University and the Société Française de Physique (Plasma Division)
Date: 29 June 2018
Location: Sorbonne University – Pierre & Marie Curie Campus - Jussieu // International Conference Center - Room 108 - Tower 44 - 1st floor

The Labex PLAS@PAR and the Plasma Division of the SFP co-organise this year the second edition of this scientific event dedicated to research at doctoral and postdoctoral levels. All propositions are welcome from young researchers working in a French, European or International lab. The conference will last for one day and will take place in Paris.

This conference aims at bridging communities and research groups working on various aspects of plasma physics as well as promoting new innovative research and the dynamism of the upcoming generation of researchers.


Scientific focus

Plasma physics is essential to understanding a huge variety of phenomena, occurring both in nature and in man-made devices. It also provides the theoretical foundation for a wide range of key industrial applications. The recent development of new laboratory facilities and large experimental infrastructures is enabling unprecedented extreme plasma conditions to be achieved, opening the door to unexplored phenomena which will stimulate fundamental research.

Since the field of plasma science is particularly broad and its study scattered across many different disciplines, from astrophysics to fundamental plasma physics and industrial plasmas, this conference aims at promoting discussion across research groups and the diversity of scientific endeavours in the community.


Provisional program and subscription :

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