Physics Teaching in Engineering Education Conference, 15–17 May 2024

Facilitating Student Learning in a Changing World

Physics Teaching in Engineering Education (PTEE 2024) is an international, scientific conference, that offers an opportunity to meet peer, to gather, to discuss current issues, to learn from each other, to share experiences and to envision collaboration. A goal is to create and strengthen a European network of contacts in the field.

It is aimed at Physics faculty, staff, teachers, students and PhD-students interested in the field of physics teaching for engineers and educational design, and especially for researchers in the field of Physics Education or close STEM-fields and cognitive science.

The Special Interest Group "Physics in Engineering Education" of the European Society for Engineering Education ( organizes this conference. → Former PTEE conferences. The group aims to promote discussion about the physics didactic and the role and importance of physics in engineering education including the exchange of teaching materials.

PTEE 2024 takes place in Rosenheim/Germany (south of Munich), for details see:

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