Looking for an EPJB Editor

The EPJ Steering Committee (StC) is looking for a suitable Colloquium and Review Commissioning Editor for its EPJB journal. A description of the profile required is enclosed below. As a SAC member, you are invited by the StC to investigate this in your community and make appropriate suggestions.



We would very much appreciate receive your suggestions within one month, but we can eventually extend the deadline if you are actively working on it but need a bit more time to get concrete proposals.

The profile for the ideal Colloquium and Review Commissioning Editor for condensed matter in EPJB is the following:

- a well-respected scientist with broad expertise in many of the subfields of condensed matter physics in order to be able to: 

        - identify important emerging research topics that attract the interest of both theorists and experimentalists

        - have a large network of colleagues extending beyond his/her immediate collaborators

- a proactive individual with contacts both in the theoretical and experimental condensed matter constituencies

- if a theorist, he /she should have frequent exchanges with experimentalists and be well acquainted with the goings-on in the experimental field


The role will involve:

- soliciting suitable authors and shepherding them in the preparation of Colloquium or Review  papers, with a preference for recruiting mixed authors pools (experimentalists and theorists working together)

- assisting the EiCs in the assessment of the few experimental papers that are spontaneously submitted to EPJB

- participating in shaping the overall editorial strategy of the journal with the particular mission to get the experimental community more involved in the journal

We will be pleased to receive suggestions from the SAC physical societies. However the names suggested should come with a clear indication that the potential candidates have been informed of the editorial role and have expressed an interest in being nominated. There is no preference a priori for a theorist or an experimentalist but EPJB is currently very focused on theory and simulations so it might be easier to get a theorist interested in joining. 


Description of Colloquium papers:

Colloquium papers are short forward-looking reviews describing the development of new lines of research or the impact of new and promising methods within condensed matter and materials physicists. The approximate length of these articles is usually around 20 pages. Although invited, these papers undergo peer-review as all other papers.

Please kindly send your reply and possible application for this job (including a CV and a letter in support of your application) to: editorialoffice[a]edpsciences.org before June 15th 2015 !

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