Functional Energy Materials Conference

Soutien SFP

From September 28th to October 1st - Dubrovnik

The expected huge increase in world energy consumption associated with serious environmental problems and the remarkable growth of photovoltaic and other renewable energy industries has generated a great interest in the scientific community in developing new materials and concepts useful for energy technologies. This conference will consider advances in research on materials for energy harvesting and storage with a special emphasis on photosynthesis, organic and inorganic photovoltaics, batteries and fuel cells, thermoelectric materials, magneto-, mechano- and electrocaloric materials and catalysts.

A goal of this international conference is to bring together experts in advanced experimental and characterization techniques with theorists and specialists in numerical simulation. The plenary and invited speakers will be chosen to present the state of the art in energy materials with an appropriate balance between fundamental and applied sciences. The ZING conference format has proved to be an exceptionally productive forum for exchanging experience and ideas between scientists from different disciplines around the world. This conference will present ideal opportunities for developing new concepts of materials for energy harvesting and storage.

A special consideration will be given to young scientists to allow them to present short talks concerning recent exciting results in the different sessions. In addition, a poster session will be held to encourage free discussion between participants and we would very much encourage all participants to bring along posters to allow further discussions.


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Registration until 20 sept 2016

Event sponsored by CEA and AIP

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