Roger Maynard memorial workshop

Our colleague and friend Roger Maynard passed away in 2015. Roger was an exceptional person and an outstanding physicist. He initiated and continuously supported our national research group devoted to the multiple scattering of waves, created the Laboratoire de Physique et Modelisation des Milieux Condenses (LPMMC), and played a central role for the development of theoretical physics in Grenoble. Roger also held important responsibilities on the national and international levels. To commemorate his scientific heritage, we organize a memorial workshop that will take place in Grenoble on March 10-11, 2016. We invited a number of people who collaborated with Roger and were strongly influenced and motivated by discussions with him.

The workshop is sponsored by GDR MesoImageLPMMCThe French Physical SocietyCPTGA and UFR PhITEM of the University Grenoble Alpes.


List of speakers
- Eric Akkermans (Technion, Haifa) - Topology and fractals : measuring Chern numbers with waves in quasi-crystals
- Jean-Christian Angles d’Auriac (Neel Institute, Grenoble) - Statistical mechanics and combinatorial optimization
- Claude Boccara (Langevin Institute, Paris) - How did Roger push me from the Ugly Duckling to the White Swan field
- Michel Campillo (ISTerre, Grenoble)
- Guy Deutscher (Tel Aviv University) - The role of Boltzmann entropy in climate change : conversations with Roger Maynard
- Mathias Fink (Langevin Institute, Paris) - From Loschmidt daemons to time-reversed waves
- Ad Lagendijk (AMOLF, Amsterdam)
- Michele Leduc (LKB, Paris) - Cold atoms and measurement of time
- Georg Maret (University of Konstanz) - Anderson localization of light : et alors, Geoorgue ? 
- Philippe Roux (ISTerre, Grenoble)
- Bart van Tiggelen (LPMMC, Grenoble) - Anisotropic diffusion and its non-obvious relation to mountain biking
- Constantino Tsallis (CBPF, Rio de Janeiro) - On the foundations of statistical mechanics
- Pierre-Etienne Wolf (Neel Institute, Grenoble) - When light scattering meets statistical physics : optical signature of a percolation process


Preliminary program can be downloaded here.


Participation in the workshop is free of charge and we will be happy to welcome everybody who feels concerned or simply interested. For organizational purposes, we ask you to send an e-mail confirming your participation to before February 10, 2016.


See also
The European Physical Journal (EPJ) Special Topics will publish a special issue to honor the scientific legacy of Roger Maynard. More information available here.


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