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The field of Quantum Chaos, addressing the quantum manifestations of an underlying classically chaotic dynamics, has been mainly developed from a theoretical perspective, and for some times, its main testing grounds of have been the Rydberg atoms, the microwave billiards, the ultra-cold atoms in optical lattices, and the low-temperature transport in mesoscopic semiconductor structures. Recently, concepts developed within field of Quantum Chaos have found applications in new domains, within physics and at its interfaces. This has led to important advances concerning the fundamentals and the applications of Quantum Chaos. This workshop aims at gathering the leading researchers of the field to foster exchange and discussion of the latest developments in the subject.
Workshop will be a meeting place of quantum chaos community.


Topics :  

Quantum interference in many-body systems, Wave chaos an nonlinear effects in disordered systems, Non-Hermitian matrices and random matrix theory developments, Recent developments in semiclassical theory, Applications of chaos assisted tunneling, Matrix applications for economy, Google matrix of directed networks, Transport in mesoscopic systems, Cold atoms in optical lattices, Interactions and Anderson localization, Spatial correlations of wave-functions in classically chaotic systems. 
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The number of participants is approximately restricted to 50. All invited talks have 30 mins duration.
Talks take place in at mornings and evenings with the day time reserved for discussions and related activity.


List of invited speakers (all confirmed) : 

F. Alet (Toulouse), Y. Alhassid (Yale), A. Backer (Dresden), H.U. Baranger (Duke), P. Bouyer (Bordeaux), O. Brodier (Tours), A. Buchleitner (Freiburg), D. Delande (Paris), R. Dubertrand (Liege), K. Ensslin (Zurich), L. Ermann (Buenos Aires), K.M. Frahm (Toulouse), I. Garcia-Mata (Buenos Aires), J.C. Garreau (Lille), B. Georgeot (Toulouse), O. Giraud (Orsay), A. Goussev (Newcastle upon Tune), D. Guery-Odelin (Toulouse), B. Gutkin (Duisburg), M. Hentschel (Ilmenau), R. Ketzmerick (Dresden), A. Kolovsky (Krasnoyarsk), A. Mouchet (Tours), S. Muller (Bristol), S. Nonnenmacher (Saclay), T. Prosen (Ljubljana), J.-L. Pichard (Saclay), P. Schlagheck (Liege), P. Schmelcher (Hamburg), A. Shudo (Tokyo), M. Sieber (Bristol), L. Sirko (Warsaw), A.D. Stone (Yale), G. Tanner (Nottingham), S. Tomsovic (Pullman), J.D. Urbina (Regensburg), D. Weinmann (Strasbourg), J. Wiersig (Magdeburg), D. Wisniacki (Buenos Aires), J. Zakrzewski (Cracow), K. Zyczkowski (Cracow) [all names are given in Latin transcription; invited talks have 30 mins duration]

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Workshop Organizers: Rodolfo Jalabert (Strasbourg)Dima Shepelyansky (Toulouse)Denis Ullmo (Orsay)
Secretary: Malika Bentour