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The Council of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP), noting the IUPAP Resolution on the Universality of Science, adopted in 2011, and Statute 5 (the Principle of Universality (freedom and responsibility) of Science) of the International Council of Science, to which IUPAP subscribes as a member of the International Council of Science, expresses its concern at recent developments in Turkey which run counter to these principles.

We respectfully encourage the President and Government of Turkey to move forward in ways which respect and sustain Turkish democracy and Turkish science. We, with many other scientific and academic organisations, are concerned that many academics and educators in Turkey have been dismissed or suspended in haste, and that overseas travel by academics was suspended and is now controlled.

Physics, and indeed all of science, is an activity which requires communication, consultation, and collaboration across borders. Without openness and international connections physicists are unable to contribute fully to their science or their own nation. The present restrictions are thus not in the best interests of Turkey. The IUPAP Council is pleased that academic travel restrictions have been eased, but strongly recommends that they be removed, that the broad sanctions against the academic community in Turkey be removed, and that the rule of law be applied as the authorities work against the coup movement.

The Council of IUPAP expresses its strong support of our Turkish colleagues, and the Turkish Physical Society. We note that the 32nd International Physics Congress of the Turkish Physical Society will be held in Bodrum from 6 to 9 September 2016, and we hope that it will be a successful meeting with a full complement of international participants.

Bruce H J McKellar
President, International Union of Pure and Applied Physics
For the Executive Council of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics