2015 session: 1st March-1st April, 2015 - Deadline for application: 31st October 2014


HERCULES is a European course for PhD students and young researchers using Neutrons and Synchrotron Radiation for applications in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Hard & Soft Condensed Matter.

The 1-month school includes lectures (60%), hands-on practicals and tutorials at partner institutes (ESRF, ILL in Grenoble, Soleil and LLB near Paris, SLS in Switzerland) and Grenoble Laboratories (CEA, CNRS, EMBL, IBS).




The school includes a common part and two parallel sessions:

- Biomolecular, soft condensed matter structure & dynamics

- Physics and chemistry of condensed matter


Why join Hercules ?

- to learn new techniques using neutron and synchrotron radiation

- to expand your theoretical and practical knowledge, not only for your present research but for your scientific career

- to experiment these techniques on world-class instruments & beamlines

- to build a network of relations with fellow young researchers and experienced teachers from all around the World


Bursaries/reduced costs

- A limited number of bursaries will be available either to reduce registration fees or cover travel costs.


More information : 

Hercules website: http://hercules-school.eu/
Full list of lectures: http://hercules-school.eu/24-session-program.htm

Contact email: hercules[a]hercules-school.eu


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